Hand Tied

Booking and Overview

What are Hand Tied Extensions?

With minimal points of contact on your natural hair, hand tied extensions are the safest form of hair extensions available right now. The stylist will attach beads to very small portions of your natural hair and thread a string through the beads. This creates a ‘track’ for the extensions to be sewn onto. This form of extensions blend extremely well, which make for easy styling, braids, and even updos.

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We use Harper Ellis hair for all extension installations. The hair is natural human hair from women in Russia and Ukraine.

Initial Booking

  • We have 6 Hand Tied Extension artists on our team—Fergie, Gabby, Kristen, and Shae! Check out our Instagram highlight ‘Hand Tied’ for their work.
  • All extension appointments require an in-person consultation before booking. Please call or book online for a “Extensions Consultation.”
  • We require a $500 non-refundable deposit upon booking your Extensions Installation. You will also fill out an Extensions Agreement that states once the hair is custom colored and cut to you, the hair is now the property of the client, and no refunds of the deposit will be made.
  • All initial installation appointments include custom color and cut of your hair and the extension hair.
  • Move Up appointments DO NOT include color, you must schedule both if you want your color done in the same appointment.
  • Please be cautious when doing outdoor and water activities.
    Make sure your hair is pulled back in a ponytail if you will be in a very windy environment. And DO NOT let your extensions get wet with ocean or lake water.

Pricing and Maintenance

Initial Pricing varies depending on your extension specialist, how many rows of extensions and how many wefts of hair you get, and the length of your extensions. A general starting price point is $900 for one row and $1,200 for two rows.

You will need your extensions moved up every 6 to 8 weeks. You must prebook your move up appointments before you leave the salon each time. Our stylists will not accommodate you on their time off if you cannot get in for a move up when booking last minute.

  • Standard Move Up Pricing is $100 per row.
    This service does not include a shampoo/style. This also does not include any color of the extension or natural hair. You must come in with clean, straight hair for this service.
  • Move Up and Refresh Pricing is $175 for one row and $275 for two rows.
    This service includes a full shampoo of your hair after the extensions are removed, a shampoo and toner for the extensions, a B3 Extension Refresh treatment to the extension hair, and a full blowout and style.

With proper care and maintenance, your extension
hair should last up to 12 months before needing replaced.

If for some reason you need a new piece of hair before it's time to replace
the whole head, we can replace individual wefts for $90/piece.

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